What makes Puerto Rico unique?

Maestra: Mrs. Rentas

Grupo: Third Grade

Materia: English

Estándar y Expectativa: 

Estándar y Expectativa de Biblioteca: Adquisición de conocimiento- AC.1.6.2, AC.1.2.1, AC.1.8.2; Creación de conocimiento nuevo- CCN.1.6.3; Intercambio de conocimiento- IC.1.1.1, IC.1.6.2, IC.1.6.4; Crecimiento personal- CPL.1.3.5. 

1. The students will select from: famous people, foods, sports, music, art, locations and history about Puerto Rico. 
2. The students develops at least three (3) research questions they want to answer about the selected topic. 
3. Based on their questions, the students goes to the library and research sources and take notes answering their questions. 
4. From the research, the student writes a paragraph answering his/ her research question. 
5. The student will illustrate his/her paragraph. Can be pictures or drawings. 
6. The student will bring the information by Wednesday, September 7, 2016, to class to create a class magazine. 

Objetivos: Create a class magazine on different aspects of Puerto Rican culture to answer the question; What makes Puerto Rico unique? 

The information by Wednesday, September 7, 2016

I will use these criteria to evaluate the performance task. 

  1. Presentation (10 points)
  2. Organization (10 points) 
  3. Content (25 points) 
  4. Calligraphy, it has to be written by the student (10 points) 
  5. Neatness (10 points)
  6. Punctuality (10 points)
  7. Diagrams and illustrations are neat, accurate and add to the reader's understanding of the topic (10 points)
  8. Uses time well throughout the project to ensure things get done on time (10 points)
  9. Work reflects this student's best efforts. (5 points)