"Toñito el invisible"

Maestra: Sra. Yomaira Gómez

Grupo: Cuarto Grado

Materia: Español 

Estándar: Para las destrezas fundamentales de la lectura. 4.L.F.F.4 Lee con suficiente exactitud y fluidez para comprender. 

Objetivos: Leer y comprender el cuento de "La oruga que quería volar". Identificar detalles del mensaje (sea oral o escrito). 



Teacher: Mrs. Viera 
Grade: Third grade 

What is Biography means? 
ÒIs a written account of another person's life.

ÒAn account of a person's life written, composed, or produced by another.
 Where do I find information?
ÒIn the encyclopedia – en enciclopedias
ÒIn review – en revistas
ÒTheme book – libros temáticos
ÒBiographical stories – cuentos biográficos
My questions?
ÒWhat is the name of the character?
ÒWhat part of Puerto Rico was born?
ÒWhat was his profession?
ÒWhy is a famous person? 


Read Critically to make logical inferences

Topic: Critically
Teacher: Mrs. Marjorie 
Group: Sixth Grade 
Class: English  
Standar:  Standard Reading: Read critically to make logical inferences and cite specific textual evidence to support conclusions drawn from the text. 5.R.7.I. Interpret information presented visually, orally, or quantitatively (e.g. in charts, graphs, diagrams, timelines, animations or interactive elements on Web pages) and explain how the information contributes to an understanding of the informational text in which it appears. Standard Writing: write arguments to support point of view using valid reasoning and sufficient evidence. 5. W. 6. With increasing independence, conduct short research projects that build knowledge about a topic. 
Guidelines: Search for information of the assigned topic, population, importance of place and location.

1. Niagara Falls- Canada and United State

2. Rocky Mountains- North América 

3. Big Sur- California

4. Mammoth Cave- Kentucky

5. Logging Camps

6. Yellowstone National Park- Wyoming, Montana e Idaho

7. Great Sand Dunes National Park -  Colorado 

9. Bryce Canyon - Utah